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Summercourse Gregorian Chant 2022

Amici Cantus Gregoriani is organizing the second edition of the Gregorian Summer Course, in close collaboration with the Early Music Department of the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. This course will take place from August 29 to September 2, 2022 in the Kloosterkerk, also in The Hague.

The Summer Course is designed in such a way that singers and conductors, music students (at conservatoires and universities) and scholars of various experience levels can participate. We work in five groups. In addition to the two groups for singers and the two groups for conductors, both divided into basic and advanced, there is a fifth interpretation course for specialists. Different approaches to Gregorian chant are discussed, with special attention to recent research results. There will be lectures and concerts. The course will be concluded with a sung vespers on Friday afternoon, September 2nd. The aim is to have 80-100 participants from the Netherlands and abroad.

Detailed Course and Week information (under construction)

  • Information about workshops and singing sessions
  • Information about lectures and evening programme
  • Programme for the week
  • Criteria group classification of students
  • Flyer

The teaching team consists of:

  • Anthony Zielhorst (general course director and teacher conductor basics)
  • Rens Tienstra (singers basics)
  • Eugeen Liven D’Abelardo (advanced singers)
  • Franz Karl Prassl (advanced conductors)
  • Jaan-Eik Tulve (specialists)

The workshops led by these teachers form the heart of the course. They take place during the afternoons, starting on Monday afternoon (5 afternoons). The language of instruction is English.

Lectures: linking theory and practice

The daily theory lectures make the connection between theory and practice in level groups. Because manuscript research is of great importance to Gregorian chant, these lectures are completely devoted to the relationship between research and performance practice: the interpretation of the neumes and the technique of restitution. The singing technique lectures are new: what do the specific properties of Gregorian chant require from my singing technique?

These classes are taught by:

  • Joachim Kelecom (basic theory of semiology)
  • Franco Ackermans (restitutions of Gregorian melodies)
  • Tim Braithwaite (singing technique for medieval repertoire)

Like last year, Rebecca Stewart will lead a modality workshop. Bart Jaski will also be speaking again about Medieval music manuscripts from the library of Utrecht University.

The course does NOT offer an overnight stay (Slapen in Den Haag).
Students pay for the course including meals.

Regular participant€ 495,-
Student€ 150,-
Participant for 1 day€ 115,-

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Summercourse Gregorian Chant 2022