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Mastering Modal Methods and Manners for Modal Music

20 februari 10:30 22 februari 18:00

Center Cantus Modalis is organizing a three-day course on mastering modal methods and manners for modal music. Teachers will be Dr. Rebecca Stewart, drs. Bram Verheijen and drs. Marsja Mudde. The aim of the course is to give interested singers and instrumentalists concrete tools to perform modal music according to the ten principles outlined in the article “A Modal Mentality for Modal Music” (Stewart, 2002, most recent version 2021, to be found on the CCM website). The principles described in this summary will be explored practically in their spiritual, physical and musical context and methodology. During these three days the students will be led through a – modal – process which requires a combination of will and sensitivity. Students will be taught to hear, feel and intuit precisely what happens to the vibrations in the acoustics, the body and the interpersonal communication during the process of making music. The result will hopefully be that the students are able to grow toward a way of making music that is in harmony with the surrounding space, themselves and each other.

The repertoire chosen by the teachers will be the medium, not the goal of the course. Therefore the course will end with a small public demonstration instead of a concert.

Repertoire used in teaching: day 1 = mode VII introitus Puer natus est nobis; day 2 = mode I introitus Gaudeamus … sanctorum omnium; day 3 = mode IV Alleluia excita, Domine. Copies from the Laon 239 manuscript and study instructions are provided after the registration deadline is expired. Students are expected to know these chants by heart upon arrival on the first day.

Eligibility: (Semi-)Professional singers, vocal students, advanced amateurs and instrumentalists, who have at least two years of experience with music from before 1500. In specific cases the teachers can make an exception.

Number of participants: minimum 10, maximum 20, on a first come, first serve basis. By arrangement, there is limited space for auditors.

Date & times: February 20-22, 2024; 10:30 am – 6:00 pm.
Public demonstration: February 22, 2024, at 16 h.

Location rehearsals and presentation: Synagogue Tilburg, Willem II Straat 20.

Course fee: 300 Euro, including coffee, tea, simple vegan & glutenfree lunch, and course materials. Students following a bachelor or master degree in music, or people with proof of limited financial resources, can receive a 40% discount. Auditors 40 Euro per day.

Registration: before January 20, 2024, info and/or registration through Marsja Mudde,, stating name, contact information, musical background and experience and giving a short motivation with learning goals.

Further info: see flyer;;;


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